Museum of the City of Sarajevo



The Sarajevo Museum was founded in 1949 and tasked to collect, study and display the social, economic and cultural history of Sarajevo from the earliest times to the present. Extensive museum holdings, whether archaeological, ethnological, oriental, artistic and historical, are rich in documentary material to study the history of the city. The museum is specific for its own additional structures showcasing events or cultural collections in their original setting – Svrzo’s House for Muslim housing architecture, the Despić House – a home of wealthy Serb traders, Sarajevo Museum 1878-1918, the Brusa Bezistan, and the Jewish Museum.




In December 1961, based on a contract signed with collector Stjepan Meze, the Museum received an interesting collection with a number of exhibits, mostly menus gathered from around the world. Exhibits partially date back to the 18th century and mostly to the 19th century, and are made of paper, silk, leather, wood, marble and iron. In addition to menus and catering supplies, Meze had endowed the Museum with art, photos, posters, furniture, icons, weapons, ornaments, smoking accessories, medals, charters, etc.