Romanija (1652m) literally means “the land of the Romans”, and amongst the locals, it is also known as Hajdučka gora (Hajduk (outlaw) Mountain) because throughout the history it was known for many outlaws. This mountain is only 10km away from Sarajevo and it offers an unforgettable experience of nature. The slopes of Romanija are full of life and beauty. The beautiful scenery and coniferous forests are just some of the features of this mountain. You can choose flat or uneven terrain for cycling or hiking through forests and meadows. The Novakova Cave in the Velika stijena (The Great Rock), the scenic viewpoint at Crvena stijena (The Red Rock) and Orlovača (Eagles) Cave, the habitat of one of the most endangered species of all mammals – the blind mouse (Microc hypoptrea), are all very interesting for mountaineers. Both the villages and the mountain itself are abundant with significant natural values, a unique ecoclimate phenomenon and various species of plants, animals and mushrooms.

Mountain Climbing

Romanija – Novakova Cave
Distance: 12,6 km

A marked trail from the mountain hut Stajna leads to Novakovo vrelo (Novak’s spring), a large mountain river bed. The path continues to Novak’s Field through a thick coniferous forest, and further on, through rocky grounds to Novak’s Cave. The cave was named after Starina Novak, the old national hero from the second half of the 16th century. Below Novak’s Cave is a drinking water spring “Careve vode” (Emperor’s Water). Next to the spring was the old Carigradski drum (Constantinople Highway), once one of the most important routes of the Turkish Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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