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11. The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo

September 6, 2019 - September 10, 2019

When and where?


11. The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo starts on September 6, 2019, with the opening ceremony of the Multiplex Cinema City Sarajevo.


The festival will, as in previous years, last for 5 days, from 6 to 10 September 2019. The festival will be held at Multiplex Cinema City Sarajevo, and the open-air cinema at the sports field of the “Safvet-beg Bešagić” Elementary School and in the Hastahana Park.


The Festival Center, Press Center and BOX OFFICE will be located in Multiplex Cinema City, while Hospitality and Info Center will be located within Bosanski Kulturni Centar Sarajevo.

Who comes and who is already there


As in previous years, the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo will be a regional center for young filmmakers, producers and filmmakers during the event. The festival is often visited by large regional film stars as well as well-known and experienced filmmakers whose presence at the Festival should certainly be utilized to gain new experiences and editions. In addition to regional film stars and authors this year, the Festival will host the big names of the film industry from Europe. Traditionally, at the Festival, producers of regional TV houses and production houses dealing with short feature films that OFF use as a brilliant platform for introducing new authors and creating space for new, future co-operation.


Wolf Competition


Wolf Competition is the new name for the main competition selection of the Festival which has so far called the name Short Meter. This selection represents the largest number of films on each edition of the Festival and is focused on the promotion and projection of short professional student films. Wolf Competition in 2019 brings more than 8 world premiers and several regional premiers. As part of the selection, films, audiences and guests are also the authors of films.

Movies and projections


The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo brings this year close to 40 films deployed in three film selections and three festival programs. The main selection of the “Wolf Competition” festival will feature 18 short acting professional films whose authors are film academy students. This year’s number of participants is 9. The second category of competitions is OFF Generation, a selection featuring films by authors based on postgraduate studies of film academies or older authors whose films are intended for teenagers. The screenings of these films are held in Multiplex Cinema City.


As part of the Open Cinema OFF this year brings a well-known program “The Biggest 5”. The only  feature film program within the Festival. This year’s selection also includes several Netflix original movies. In addition, this year’s Festival will feature OFF Love cinema and OFF Horor nights. More details will be known after the presentation of the program.


Be part of OFF, Accreditations and Passes


The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo dedicates much attention to young filmmakers and film professionals. In this regard, the Festival annually provides free accreditation for high school students and film professionals. This year the Festival also introduced a brand new, rebranded OFF High School. Accreditation registration is open from June 25th.


On and around the Festival


The Youth Film Festival Sarajevo places the main emphasis on the film and the promotion of young filmmakers. Much attention is also devoted to education and conferences, but never forget about the good party and party. Every year, 15 days before the Festival, we announce our festivals and social gatherings. This will be the same year, and for the guests and visitors the Festival has prepared 3 official parties for this year. When the audience is in question, this year brings a lot of interesting films for all generations. Our love of open-air cinema and dedication to a good family and educational film will surely tell you to come to us every day at the Festival.


Tickets will be available for purchase from 29. August!




September 6, 2019
September 10, 2019