We will end our journey through the old part of Sarajevo with Drvenija Bridge, a bridge with which almost all Sarajevans have a special connection. It was the inevitable place of romantic meetings because on one side was high school for girls, and on the other side was boy’s high school, today’s Prva Gimnazija (First Gymnasium), famous for its Nobel Prize winning pupils Ivo Andrić and Vladimir Prelog.

Speaking of bridges, we must not forget the name Abdulah-efendija Muzaferija, famous inventor and constructor of bridges from the 18th century. He was buried in Nad Kovači cemetery in 1750.

On the way to the next bridge, we recommend you visit Delikatesna radnja. One of the busiest bars in town, it is the ideal place to relax and you can often enjoy pop-up exhibitions of Bosnian-Herzegovinian designers and artists. If you are exploring the city at nighttime, you can find entertainment just pass the Deli Place, at the Open Scene of the Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts or the Academy Café.

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