City Transport

Public transport in Sarajevo is well organised. It is primarily relying on tram and trolley bus traffic that driving around the entire city from Baščaršija to Ilidža, along the right side of the Miljacka River, and from the Austrian Square to Dobrinja along the left side of the river.

Public city transport operates from early morning until midnight. Ticket prices are generally standardised and amount to about 1.80 BAM and can be purchased at newsstands or directly from the driver.


Line 1: Baščaršija – Željeznička / Bus station
Line 2: Baščaršija – Čengić vila
Line 3: Baščaršija – Ilidža
Line 4: Ilidža – Željeznička / Bus station
Line 5: Neđarići – Baščaršija
Line 6: Ilidža – Skenderija
Line 7: Neđarići – Skenderija


Line 101: Otoka – Drvenija – Trg Austrije
Line 102: Otoka – Jezero
Line 103: Dobrinja – Drvenija – Trg Austrije
Line 104: Mojmilo – Drvenija – Trg Austrije


There is also a number of bus and minibus lines connecting the city centre with hilly areas and the suburbs of Sarajevo.


Apart from public transport, it is also possible to use taxi services. Taxi fares start at 1.50 BAM and every kilometre is then charged 1.00 BAM. The luggage costs 1.00 BAM per bag. All vehicles use a taximeter and can issue a receipt. Taxi fares are paid in cash only.

Taxi service numbers:


CRVENI TAXI 033 760 600
SAMIR I EMIR 033 15 16
PAJA 033 15 22
HOLAND-COMPANY 033 431 111
KALE TAXI 033 570 900


It is relatively easy to find parking in Sarajevo, and most would have a parking meter. It is also possible to park in designated areas that are charged (one hour ranging from 0.5 to 1 Euro). Parking ticket is about 20 Euros, but could be much more costly if the car is towed.

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