Top tennis Coach visits Sarajevo

Antonio Nadal Homar, the coach of current world number one tennis player Rafael Nadal is spending this weekend in Sarajevo. Today he spent time exploring the city sights and getting to know more about the local history.

Barcelona, Sarajevo is with you!

Young artists from Sarajevo have painted a large mural dedicated to our sister city Barcelona, which was struck by a terrorist attack, in the Mojmilo residential area in Sarajevo.

Mixer House Sarajevo is Opening Tomorrow

The Mixer Festival in Belgrade was created in 2009 and grew dramatically within the first year bringing together more than 1,000 various profile performers and 40,000 visitors.

Solomun Trilogy

Mladen Solomun, the giant of the world’s electronic music scene is back in Sarajevo!

Concert: Plavi orkestar in Sarajevo

As part of the Everblue Live 2017 tour, one of the most popular bands from former Yugoslavia, the Sarajevo band...

Concert: Plavi orkestar in Sarajevo

As part of the Everblue Live 2017 tour, one of the most popular bands from former Yugoslavia, the Sarajevo band...

John Cleese Receives the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo

World's living legend of comedy John Cleese received the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award for his extraordinary contribution to the art of film at the 23rd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival.

15 movies shot in Sarajevo you have to watch

Honest and moving stories that show the essence of life and relations between people are tradition when it comes to movies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Watching these movies you will laugh, you will cry and you will remember them for a long time.

Pop-up concerts held at three locations in Sarajevo

Music is an indispensable part of every film, and in order to take home the true film story from Sarajevo during the Sarajevo Film Festival, City Administration and the Association of Composers and Musicologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize pop-up concerts of classic music.

Honorary Heart of Sarajevo

This year, the “Honorary Heart of Sarajevo”, the Sarajevo Film Festival Award for outstanding contribution to film art, will be presented to the legendary actor and comedian John Cleese and the multiple Academy Award winner Oliver Stone.

Join us on locations where cult BiH films were shot

Historically, Sarajevo has earned the title “City of Films”. Coming up to 23rd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival, we look back at the “Sarajevo Frame”, a project which helped restore the locations were some of the cult BiH movies were filmed.

The best promotion of destination Sarajevo: Tourism Association KS – SFF Sponsor

Sarajevo, 7 August 2017 – This year, for the first time, the Tourism Association Canton Sarajevo will sponsor Sarajevo Film Festival. Thus, the most important international film event in our country – Sarajevo Film Festival will receive significant support from KS Tourism Association in order to improve the representation of our capital.

Concert: Perpetuum Mobile Band

Perpetuum Mobile Band from Subotica will open Somersby Bridge week of events at bridge Skenderija.

DJ Mahmut Orhan

Mahmut Orhan, a Turkish DJ and producer is performing in Sarajevo for the first time. He will introduce his music,...

Cabaret Performance “Forbidden Fairytales”

This cabaret play follows the adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood who decides to leave the tale and write...

Concert: Fado is sevdah

“Fado is sevdah” (fado, sevdah – music genres) is a concert by Maja Milinković, a Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist with Portuguese address....

Enis Čišić Exhibition

On Thursday, 27th July, there will be an exhibition and the interview with Enis Čišić, currently one of the most...

Stereo MC’s

Famous hip-hop/dance attraction, British band Stereo MC's will perform on the open stage at Skenderija Bridge. Stereo MC's first appeared...

Concert: Band Divanhana

Divanhana performs traditional music in new arrangements created under the influence of jazz, pop and the 20th century classical music.  Divanhana’s...

Sarajevo – the home of Good Spots!

Sarajevo is a city abundant with good spots. However, some of these spots need to be fixed up and revived. Fortunately, all the good spots in Sarajevo have a “guardian” in the members of the “Dobre kote” (good spots) initiative, whose aim is to revive these places by making art their integral part.

New Website of the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association: Coming to Sarajevo is always a...

Visit Sarajevo – Today, the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association presented the new visual identity and website The website is intended...

Old crafts

If you are looking for a proper and full experience of Sarajevo and the Baščaršija Old Town, a stroll down...

Street Art Festival: Your city, your art!

Sarajevo Street Festival or FUU is a multimedia festival held from 7th to 9th July in several outdoor locations around...

Baščaršija Nights

On 1 July every year, the performance by Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra marks the beginning of Baščaršija Nights. This traditional cultural...

Mersad Berber Exhibition in the City Hall

The first posthumous retrospective exhibition of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian art giant Mersad Berber will be opened in specially customized halls of...