The first major bridge after Bentbaša is Šeher-Ćehajina ćuprija (Šeher-Ćehaja Bridge) or Šeherija. It was built in 1620 by the then Major of Sarajevo Husein Hodžić, hoping he will be remembered for it.

Above Šeher-Čekajina Ćuprija is Alifakovac, today perhaps the best preserved part of the old ways of residential construction in Sarajevo, with steep alleys dotted with houses in a way that each has a great view and nobody blocks each other. The construction was done with care because Sarajevo was famous for neighborhood care and solidarity. Best example is the story about Avdaga Trampa, a distinguished Sarajevan who was selling his house and had set the price of 300 ducats. When buyers questioned the price, Avdaga would explain that the house itself was worth 100 ducats, neighbors on the left 100 ducats, and neighbors on the right 100 ducats.

Alifakovac is also known for its cemetery, where famous people from Sarajevo have been buried for five centuries, as well as those who came from far away and ended their lives in Sarajevo. Famous French architect Le Corbusier was so impressed by the view stretching from there that he said it was the most beautiful graveyard he had ever seen.

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