Locals Recommend: Where to Find the Best Traditional Dishes

Bosnian cuisine is a mixture of oriental, Mediterranean and Central European culinary traditions which makes it ideal for all gourmands and foodies. There are many places where you can enjoy those specialties, particularly all Sarajevo Aščinica places which offer traditional Bosnian dishes locally known as “spoon dishes”.


Most popular dishes are stuffed peppers, šiš-ćevap, sitni ćevap, hadžijski ćevap, sarma, japrak, sogan-dolma, okra, pače, tripe, soups, veal and lamb prepared in various ways and klepe.


Here are some ideas where to eat best local traditional cuisine recommended by true experts – local Sarajevans.


Naida (29), Economist: “Bosanski lonac in “Hadžibajrić” Ašćinica has the sweetest taste ever and I often enjoy it. This is also the oldest Aščinica in the city, so my recommendation is definitely Bosanski lonac at “Hadžibajrić.”


Gorana (36), Layer: “In the Old City, I usually eat at Hadžibajrić or ASDŽ Aščinica. My favorites are pače, klepe and buredžici. I recommend these dishes as well as various other ones so everyone can find their own favorite.”


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “I like several traditional dishes but my favorites are pače and klepe. I eat pače in Stari Sat and klepe in Sirano.”


Jasmina (52), Translator: “I often eat in Bistrica where all the food is delicious. My favourite is sarma with sauerkraut.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “Restaurant-Ašćinica Dženita always tempts me with their huge selection of dishes. My favorite is klepe and I often eat them there.”


Jan (37), NVO: “I can often be seen in ASDŽ Ašćinica where my favorite dish is šarena dolma. With our hectic lifestyles, I recommend everyone to visit one of the city aščinica places and treat themselves at least once a week. You won’t regret it!”


Goran (33), Economist: “I often enjoy sitni ćevap or hadžijski ćevap at ASDŽ. The way the food is served, the ambiance and, most important, the quality of food is an absolute must in these places.”


Mirza (33), Informatics Engineer: “Pače at “Hadžibajrić” is a must for me. I try to go there as often as I can.”


Sarajevans seem to agree that traditional cuisine is one of the best and still in demand. It is interesting that Ašćinica places started to open in Sarajevo towards the end of 15th Century and early 16th Century.


Most of these eateries are located in Baščaršija and we strongly recommend tasting local cooked dishes.