Bosnian Design for Your Presents

It’s time for presents! To choose the right gift from Sarajevo, we recommend few shops where you are sure to find something for every taste.



For all you lovers of art and design and those who want to turn their home into an unusual gallery of BiH artists, we recommend concept stores Bazerdžan (Veliki ćurčiluk 12, Baščaršija) and Kutcha (Skenderija 15). You will find perfect gifts such as jewelry, fashion accessories and home decorations, all works of BiH artists and craftsmen.



Gift shop Egoist galerija (Trgovke 21, Baščaršija) offers a wide selection of interesting jewelry, wool and other crafts. Look for the original Sarajevo Dingbats products, a great gift from Sarajevo.


Art shop Articoolisan (Zelenih Beretki 10) offers print-art, photo wallpaper for modern interior design, clothing and home decorations.


In BBI Center (Trg djece Sarajeva), look for WoolFabrique shop where you will find knitted products and pure wool hand-made fabrics revived by women using old techniques.


We believe every gift is chosen with love and crafted in the best possible way for your nearest and dearest.