10 reasons to visit Sarajevo for New Year Holidays

Sarajevo is a city which has a great deal to offer to visitors especially during winter holidays with magical nights featuring entertainment by many stars.


1. Sarajevo is the New Year Regional Center



Sarajevo will welcome 2018 as a music center of the region. Start the celebrations as early as 30 December at 6pm and dance through the streets of Sarajevo to the world classics performed by the Music Art Orchestra. New Years Eve will be marked by the magical return to “good old times” with the biggest pop star of the region – Zdravko Čolić. On New Year’s Day from 8pm we can enjoy the timeless hits of the cult Sarajevo band Crvena jabuka.



2. Regional Stars flock to Sarajevo



Both long term fans as well as those just getting to know jazz music will be able to enjoy the first edition of Happy New Jazz on 29 December 2017 at Bosnian Cultural Center featuring best jazz musicians from Sarajevo and the region with special guests – Aleksandra Bijelić and Rambo Amadeus performing famous jazz classics as well as their own songs in jazz form. After the concert, both the musicians and members of the audience will party into the night at the DJ stage in BKC Gallery to a jam music session by Drum Jay.


In addition, on 31.12. Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra will held its traditional concert at the National Theater. Željko Joksimović will perform in Jahorina, Halid Bešlić in Hotel Hills and Haris Džinović in Hotel Terme.


A real treat for electronic music fans – DJs Toto Chiavetta and Olderic will be held at Dom mladih.



3. Surrounding Mountains – Winter Sports



Sarajevo mountains are, at most, half an hour drive from the city center. With a huge variety of new content, modern services and affordable prices, Sarajevo has been re-established as one of the favorite ski resorts. In view of the Olympics, olympic skiing styles are very popular on Jahorina and Bjelašnica.


4. Paradise for Gourmets and Foodies



Bosnian cuisine is widely appreciated which makes Sarajevo a true gourmet paradise. Traditional cuisine with all its scents, methods of preparation and special recepies attracts both tourists and local population. It is impossible to decide which dish is the best, so the recommendation is to certainly try a few and taste that special magic on a plate.


5. Good value for Money



Quality at low prices is always in demand. Sarajevo offers variations in the level of costs. Most tourists consider the prices very affordable, so you are generally getting good value for your money.


6. Hospitality



Sarajevo is, and always has been a city full of pleasant people who will welcome you with open arms. The tradition of hospitality towards strangers, travelers and those passing through goes back a very long way and there is a large number of catering establishments, cafes and restaurants where the staff will do all they can to make you feel at home.


7. Spirit of the Olympics



The XIV Winter Olympic Games left a deep mark on Sarajevo which is evident in Sarajevo Olympics Museum where the spirit of Olympism, Olympic values, youth, creativity and other positive initiatives from this event are presented through sport and art. Special attention is paid to the famous bobsleigh track on Trebević which was built for the occasion of Winter Olympics and competitions in two and four seater bobsleigh and luge.


8. Open Air Museum



Sarajevo’s rich cultural and historical heritage is a widely known fact. This is especially evident through various monuments and Stećci (medieval tombstones), which date from different eras, making this city a true “Open Air Museum”. Thus, one of the most popular locations is the Old Jewish Cemetery in Kovačići neighborhood, which is one of the largest sacral sites in Europe.


9. Old Crafts



To experience Sarajevo and Baščaršija in a proper way, it is imperative to visit the old crafts streets. Just like five centuries ago, today you can see coppersmiths as they craft their items, but instead of copperware, now they are producing objects of artistic or decorative value and selling them as souvenirs. Strolling around Baščaršija, you will come across many examples of the rich craftsmanship tradition which is still very much alive.


10. Spirit of Sarajevo



Every city has its own way of attracting people to return again and again. In addition to buildings which have been here for centuries and which remind us of ancient times, Sarajevo exudes simplicity and relaxed atmosphere which is additionally emphasized by friendly Sarajevans who are always ready to socialize.