10 Most Popular Sarajevo Locations on Instagram

Sarajevo is a city full of specific architecture from different times and different rulers; it is a place where East touches West emphasizing multiculturalism, hospitality, heart and soul. The beauty of the city with its panoramic views, the spirit of the Orient, rich cuisine, parks, outing spots and rich history is attractive to residents as well as tourists from all over the world who are eager to capture every moment and share photos on their Instagram profiles.


1. Sebil

The “obligatory” destination for every visitor is the old part of the city – Baščaršija, where Sebil is located. It is a fountain with drinking water and is considered one of the most recognizable symbols of Sarajevo. It is the only preserved Sebil in the city.



2. Žuta tabija (Yellow Bastion)

Another popular place with mesmerizing views of Sarajevo. It was named after the yellow stone with which it was built and it is also known as Jekovačka tabija (Jekovac Bastion) as it is located on a cliff Jekovac. Initially it was part of the ramparts around the old town of Vratnik.



3. Museum of Sarajevo

Museum of Sarajevo features collections and conservation of objects which tell the story about the history of the city, from prehistoric settlements on Butmir, old Illyrian and Roman settlements, medieval Bosnia, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian periods to present day.



4. Traditional cuisine

One of the main characteristics of Sarajevo is rich cuisine, thus every visitor will gladly use the opportunity to try a traditional meal. Staying in Sarajevo and not tasting the local food is simply impossible because you can smell the delicacies everywhere you go.



5. Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame is a monument in honor of all military and civilian victims of WWII in Sarajevo. It is located in the very center of the city, between the streets Maršal Tito and Ferhadija. The flame was absent only during the siege of Sarajevo as there was no natural gas available in the city.



6. The spring of the River Bosna

The spring of the River Bosna is a famous tourist destination located on the outskirts of Sarajevo. It is all about the Spring of Bosna, large parks, fiacre rides and restaurants so it is a perfect vacation for those who enjoy nature.



7. Festina Lente Bridge

The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo is the only Evangelical church from the Austro-Hungarian period which was marked by exceptional architecture. To get to the building, you need to cross “Festina Lente” – a modern bridge built in 2012 and designed by the students of the Academy.



8. Cafe bar Zlatna ribica (The Goldfish)

Cafe bar Zlatna ribica is located just few minutes from the Eternal Flame in central Sarajevo. It attracts visitors with its unusual and pleasant interior with unforgettable ambiance. This cafe bar has been recommended by National Geographic precisely because of its uniqueness and special attention to detail.



9. Restaurants with a view

It is customary to visit some of the restaurants located on the hills as they provide unforgettable views of the city both night and day as well as great food. You can reach these places through steep and winding streets which can be a real adventure.



10. City Hall

Sarajevo City Hall is one of the most beautiful and representative buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period. This symbol of Sarajevo now serves for protocol purposes and exhibitions. Don’t miss exploring the big entrance hall with its elegant interior adorned by stunning stained glass.