New Website of the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association: Coming to Sarajevo is always a good choice

Visit Sarajevo – Today, the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association presented the new visual identity and website The website is intended primarily for tourists, but also for all citizens of Sarajevo, as it contains many stories about the attractiveness of the city, its life, nature and rich cultural and historical heritage which make Sarajevo a genuine ‘open-air museum’.


There are very few cities that can offer such variety in such a small area. So, the slogan, or a welcome message of the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association website will tell a new tale about Sarajevo with every new click – a story about the city where “everything has its own story to tell and nothing happens by chance.”


The website is designed to take visitors through stories and multimedia content to a virtual journey around municipalities and neighborhoods of Sarajevo through different time periods, with a clear message: “Coming to Sarajevo is always a good choice!”, because Sarajevo has its own unique gravity, so a single visit very often becomes the start of a more permanent attachment to this city and its people.


Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association is inviting all the citizens to participate in the promotion of our city. If you have an idea how to present Sarajevo in the best way, please contact us on, and if you are already organizing an event, let us know about it on


If youd like details about your accommodation facilities to be displayed on the website of the Canton Sarajevo Tourism Association, please submit basic information and photographs to


This project is done in co-operation with The Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.